February 2013
How to set up Apache Virtual Hosts
February 2010
PHP Objects Patterns and Practice – A Book Review
10 mistakes beginners make when writing HTML
January 2010
Modx – An intriguing CMS
Reward loyal clients for higher customer satisfaction
December 2009
The about page in theory
The Power of PHP Frameworks
November 2009
Eight Useful WordPress Plugins
Web design and photography sources
The Programmer Competency Matrix
20 Gorgeous Digital Landscapes
Using MySQL with the Command Line Client
October 2009
A tour around my office
15 Beautiful and Emotive Portraits
10 great logo design galleries
September 2009
Take the time to learn
Website templates are bad for everyone
What to look for in a hosting company
The value of Favicons
August 2009
From Photoshop to HTML
Survey – Help me improve BolducPress!
Websites that every web designer should know
The advantages and disadvantages of freelancing
How to drive traffic to your blog
July 2009 has been upgraded
User personas and how they can improve your site
Maintaining compatibility across multiple browsers
Multitasking is Evil!
Keeping your blog fresh: Finding inspiration for new posts
June 2009
Designing an effective home page
TinyMCE or FckEditor?
How to write effective web content
Freelance and Taxes
The fundamentals of logo design
May 2009
Web design galleries that inspire
Your first steps: Getting into the web design business
Books that every freelancer should own. has been released!
Books that every web designer should own
October 2008
How to avoid stagnation and stay inspired
What to do when someone steals your content.
July 2008
Tools of the trade: Hardware
Tools of the trade: Software
The Top Ten Firefox Plugins
June 2008
The Evolution of Part Digital Design
August 2007
PHP Templates and why they will change your life.
July 2007
How to make custom avatars with PHP
From PSD to HTML
June 2007
Fundamentals of Interface Design
How to create a grid quickly and easily with Photoshop
How to draw a digital portrait
How to use images created with gdLibrary
May 2007
Line chart class with gdLibrary
Professional technique for creating icons
Principles of Glossy Interface Design
Create cropped thumbnails with GD Library
GD Library Bar Chart
April 2007
Drop Shadows with GD Library

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